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Our Australian patent attorneys are highly qualified in a wide range of technology fields and can skilfully assist clients with a broad range of subject matter in relation to their intellectual property. 


      • Mechanical engineering
      • Electrical engineering
      • Electronics, IT and telecommunications
      • Software; computer-implemented inventions
      • Medical devices
      • Biotechnology
      • Chemistry
      • Materials; polymer science
      • Physics
      • Mining and Metallurgy

Many of our attorneys have worked in-house, in industry or in research and as a result have an excellent understanding of the challenges our clients are faced with.



Our Attorneys not only possess engineering degrees but also a wealth of experience in a variety of fields, such as mechanical engineering, electrical/electronic engineering,  micro and nano-engineering.


Our diverse clients in this area include innovators in:

• Advanced manufacturing
• Packaging and consumer goods
• Robotics
• Machine tools
• Pumps, turbines and engines
• Oil and gas exploration


OUR EXPERTS: Sarah van der Waal  | Michael Buck | Jeremy Moller | Andy Mukherji



Our attorneys have worked with local and overseas clients in various industries utilising materials technology, including:


• Composites and coatings
• Chemical and Process Engineering / Industrial Chemistry
• Metallurgy
• Minerals processing
• Nanotechnology


OUR EXPERTS: Andy Mukherji | David Tso



Our patent attorneys can advise you on the patentability of your innovations in the fields of IT and electronics products. We draft high tech patents which we’ve prosecuted through to grant in Australia and in major overseas jurisdictions for our clients.


• Imaging
• Power supplies
• Semiconductors
• Computer Implemented Inventions
• Machine learning systems
• Information Processing
• Computer Architecture
• User Interfaces
• Data acquisition and processing systems
• Networking hardware, software and protocols
• Telecommunications
• Blockchain
• Artificial Neural Networks and AI in general


OUR EXPERTS: Michael Buck | Jeremy Moller



Our attorneys have experience in areas across biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, including:


• Cell Biology & Molecular Biology

• Food Science

• Genomics & Genetics

• Immunology Organic Chemistry

• Pharmaceuticals & Pharmacology

• Plant & AgriBiotech Polymer Chemistry

• Protein Chemistry





The diversity of technical backgrounds within our patent team means that we are able to assist innovators in protecting their medical devices, ranging from medical apparatus, to diagnostic devices and digital health.


• Diagnostics
• Sensors
• Surgical instruments
• Drug delivery devices
• Respiratory apparatus


OUR EXPERTS: Andy Mukherji | Jeremy Moller | Michael Buck | Sarah van der Waal 



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