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Heather O'KaneHeather is a registered Australian and NZ patent attorney and a registered US patent agent, with over thirteen years of experience working in intellectual property.


During her career as a patent attorney Heather has worked with local inventors and small businesses to develop and maintain IP portfolios. This includes identifying patentable inventions, drafting and prosecuting specifications, and preparing cost benefit analyses in maintaining IP protection. She also has experience advising on novelty and infringement matters as well as prosecuting foreign patent applications in Australia.


Prior to becoming a patent attorney Heather worked as a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry for several years. Her extensive practical engineering experience has fostered a strong understanding of how things work and an appreciation for the impact small differences can make toward product improvement (whether it be in efficiency, safety, or aesthetics).


Heather is experienced in drafting patent specifications for a broad range of technologies including the aeronautical, automotive, agricultural, mining, and medical industries.


To speak with Heather, call 02 8417 6055 or email [email protected]. Heather is based in Sydney’s North Shore.


Master of Intellectual Property, University of Technology Sydney, Australia


Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering), University of Minnesota, USA

Professional Associations

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Member of Intellectual Property Society ANZ

Fellow of the Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys

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