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Brisbane patent attorney

My work usually starts with your simple phone call or email enquiry.

As we discuss your reasons for calling I'll usually ask you what your objectives are in obtaining assistance from a patent and trade mark attorney.

If you're trying to protect an invention for example, then your answers will help to identify who created, and who owns, the invention. I'll also ask you about your use of the invention to date and whether or not any searching has been performed to see if it's already in the public domain.

Sometimes people call me when they've developed a large prototype of their invention in their workshop or factory. In those cases I often visit them at their premises so they can explain the prototype to me and I can get a good understanding of how it works

If you need help with trade mark related issues then my questions are likely to be about the products that you sell and where you sell them. How you brand your products and if you know of any competitors using similar branding.

It may turn out after we've met and looked into your situation in detail that you don't actually need a patent and trade mark attorney at all. If that's the case then I'll thank you for your call and do my best to direct you towards an appropriate professional.

If I believe that I can help you then I'll confirm my understanding of what you want done and provide you with an estimate of the cost and timeframe that's involved. I'll also give you a letter setting out the terms of our working relationship for you to review and I'll ask you to raise any questions you might have.

To give you an idea of the sort of work I've performed in my professional career, in the twelve months prior to writing this it's included:

  • Preparation of a number of mathematically intensive medical-electronic and software patent applications for a local university.
  • Helping some US corporations fight their way through the examination of two Australian patent applications.
  • Defending a Queensland cosmetics company against allegations of trade mark infringement.
  • Assisting a Gold Coast plumber, that I met on our family holiday, with a patent application for a drainage device.
  • Performing trade mark clearance searches and providing name selection advice for local electronic controller company Innotech Pty Ltd.
  • Fighting hard for a regional NSW automotive electrical manufacturer in an ongoing patent war.
  • Guiding a commercialisation company's patent applications for an engine controller through rough waters in China, US, Europe, Japan and Mexico.

If you would like more information to see if I'm the right person to help you then don't hesitate to contact us. I enjoy learning about other people's issues and challenges and will be pleased to answer your IP related questions.