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Sample High Tech Patents

Because my technical background includes university degrees in mathematics and electronic engineering, I've drafted a large number of high tech patent applications.

If you're interested in protecting a software, IT or electronics related invention then I can help you. I hope you'll find the following interesting and that it will give you an idea of the sort of high-tech patents that I draft and which end up being granted.

Below are a few examples of high tech patent specifications that I've prepared with some brief notes. Most of these were originally filed as Australian provisional patent applications from which the complete patents and applications listed here emanated. As you can see a number of these particular examples have been granted in the USA, China, Europe and Japan as well as Australia.

DSL Modem Patent This is a granted US patent for a high efficency DSL modem that exploits lattice mathematics. The patent is owned by a major Australian university.

Most electronic devices nowadays include an electronic processor that accesses a digital memory storing a program of instructions. This means that often the patent will need to include claims to the software (or firmware) product as well as to the actual apparatus. As a result I need flowcharts of the program as well as a block diagram of the overall device to comprehensively explain both the structure and function of the device.

Helmet Communication Device Patent This is a granted Japanese patent that is owned by a Brisbane based electronics manufacturing company. The patent is for a helmet mountable communication system that can be used by firefighters and other emergency workers in very noisy and hazardous environments.

Method for Verifying and Authenticating Financial Transactions Patent This is a granted Chinese patent for a method for verifying and authenticating financial transactions across a mobile telephone network. I prepared the patent for a mobile phone applications company based on the Gold Goast. Apart from China, corresponding patents have also been granted in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Torpedo Defence Patent This granted US patent is owned by a Sydney based company that designs signal processing solutions with applications to sensing technologies such as sonar.

The patent covers a system for producing acoustic and electromagnetic wavefront anomalies at a desired angle and has applications in weapons defence systems.

Distributed Paging System Patent This is a published international patent application for a distributed voice paging system that uses network addressable devices. The patent was drafted for a Brisbane based company. The invention can be used to provide a paging solution in very large buildings such as air ports and stadiums.

Support Vector Machine Patent This is a granted US patent for an improved method of operating a support vector machine which is owned by a local university. Support vector machines are computers that are programmed to test and then classify very large numbers of data vectors. They find application in areas such as image recognition and medical prognosis.

Near Duplicate Video Detection Patent Application This is a published international patent application that I drafted for detecting near duplicate video streams, e.g. film clips that have very similar content.

Sometimes high tech patents are derived from a mathematical proof or observation, which might be the subject of a forthcoming academic paper.

Where the inventor is under pressure to meet a deadline for submitting an academic paper the patent application needs to be prepared and lodged without delay.

Data Stream Priority Patent This one is a granted Australian patent for a method and software product for prioritorising data streams over a data network. Critical communications data,for example data associated with emergency services, can be given a higher priority over the network than other traffic.

The patent not only claims the software that does the prioritorising but also a computer programmed with the software and a development kit for producing customised versions of the software.

Sleep State Patent This is a published international patent application for a method and apparatus that monitors a person's sleep sounds.

The device is able to automatically determine the person's sleep state and whether or not they are sleeping normally or if they are suffering from sleep apnea.

When drafting patents like this care has to be taken to consider the likely infringement scenarios and claim the invention from as many different points of view as possible.

Hard Disk Drive Patent This is a granted US patent that I prepared for Singapore based hard disk drive company. The patent covers a hard disk, method and software product for detecting hard disk drive head misalignment and automatically realigning the head to improve read / write performance.

As the above demonstrates, I'm very experienced in drafting high tech patent specifications over a wide range of technologies. If you have an IT, software, telco or electronic device based invention that you're concerned other people will want to copy then contact me and we can discuss the steps that are involved in protecting these kinds of inventions.